"unique in the world, designed by axel vervoordt "

Welcome to PURS Luxury Boutique Hotel & Restaurant. Welcome to the first hotel designed as a whole by Belgian designer and antiquarian Axel Vervoordt, a place characterized by quiet luxury and exceptional architecture. Delicately fitting, with minimalist and timeless, yet cozy-warm design, spaces for unique stays were created here.

curated art & unique spaces

The gourmet restaurant PURS combines three culinary worlds.
Asian-Japanese cuisine, Scandinavian cuisine and French haute cuisine.

Peter Fridén, born in South Korea, grew up in a small
small town in Sweden and trained in French cuisine
cuisine, knows and loves the typical cuisine of all three countries.
The Nordic-Japanese style of cuisine is a relatively new
combination of Scandinavian and Japanese cuisine.
Both cuisines have a strong connection to nature and
and use fresh, seasonal ingredients. Another common
element of the two cuisines is the emphasis on the presentation
and the aesthetics of food. This innovative style of cuisine
combines the best elements from both cultures and reinterprets them in a creative way. In the current Michelin
restaurant guide, Peter Fridén was awarded one Michelin star.

Discover a world full of
design and culinary

PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants, where quiet luxury meets extraordinary architecture, our boutique hotels are characterized by a unique design that makes you feel immersed in a world of art and harmony. Every detail is carefully selected to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will touch your senses.

Our restaurants offer a diverse culinary experience that provides unparalleled taste sensations. With a focus on quality and enjoyment, we set standards in the culinary scene and invite you to join us on this journey.


Fine Hotels & Restaurants

Welcome to the world of PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants, where quiet luxury meets extraordinary architecture to create unforgettable experiences.

Am ochsentor

Purs Classic Boutique Hotel

We are sure: You would never want to check out of the Hotel am Ochsentor again. You don’t have to. After all, we have everything you need and much more.


Purs Private Luxury Living

Unique living spaces, in absolute privacy, expansive views and unparalleled luxury await you at Convent.


In 2023, we will offer a variety of events around our restaurants. Our cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of culinary arts and improve your cooking skills. Evenings with winemakers and producers allow you to taste unique wines and products and learn more about their production. We look forward to offering you a variety of events in 2023.

Summer Special!

5=4 nights

Hotel PURS

4=3 nights

Hotel Ochsentor

Summer special

5 = 4 nights

Hotel PURS

3 = 2 nights

Hotel Am Ochsentor

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