Relaxation "the PURS Way"

The PURS Bar is a meeting place for all those who like to sit back in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy an exquisite drink or small dishes, from savory to sweet, for the little hunger in between. Whether you choose a classic cocktail or a local specialty, the bartenders know their craft and create true masterpieces.

Opening hours

from 12:00

“A good bar is not just a place to order drinks, it’s a place to make memories and build friendships.”

Cheers!   Salute!   Cheers!   Santé!   Skål!   Ganbei!   Kanpei!   Na zdarowie!   Salud!

smokers lounge

Right next door is the Smokers Lounge, where cigar lovers will feel right at home. Enjoying a cigar means taking time out. Even important personalities like Winston Churchill knew how to end the day with a good cigar and a whiskey. Whether you come alone or in company, in the Smokers Lounge you will quickly find a connection and can exchange ideas in a cozy atmosphere.


In 2024 we will offer a variety of events related to gourmet cuisine. Our cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of culinary arts and improve your cooking skills. Evenings with winemakers and producers allow you to taste unique wines and products and learn more about their production. In addition, we will invite guest chefs to serve innovative and unusual dishes to our guests. We look forward to bringing you a variety of gourmet cuisine events in 2024.

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