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At the Hotel am Ochsentor you never want to check out again. You don’t have to. After all, we have everything you need and much more. Excellent restaurants with a wide variety of culinary delights and an Enoteca for all wine connoisseurs ensure an all-round successful stay. The adjacent Convent PURS Luxury Living & Events offers space for perspectives and new impulses to experience meetings differently. And all this in the middle of the historic center of Andernach, beautifully situated on the Rhine.

Dinner Inclusive

1 night including 4-course Italian key menu in the restaurant Ai Pero

Dinner Inclusive

1 Nacht inklusive 4-Gang-Italian-Taste-Menü im Restaurant Ai Pero

Discover the region

3 nights including enjoyment hike

"The apparent contradiction of any successful interior:
It captures our attention - and it relaxes."

la dolce vita

Welcome to the world of Italians. We invite you to live a unique Italian culinary experience, where you can enjoy traditional dishes from different regions of Italy. In our Trattoria we offer homemade pasta, pizza and delicious authentic specialties, while our Ristorante Da Capo serves an Italian-Taste menu in an elegant atmosphere. In our Ai Pero Enoteca you can taste the best wines from Italy accompanied by delicious antipasti. Come and join us and let yourself be seduced by the variety and taste of Italy!







Here we serve in a family atmosphere, delicious authentic dishes inspired by the Italian national cuisine. Everything prepared with great attention to detail.

If you are looking for excellent Italian wines, you should definitely visit our Enoteca at Trattoria Ai Pero. Here you can find the right wine for every taste.

Here our guests can enjoy not only a traditional Italian breakfast, but also a delicious Italian-Taste menu as part of the booked package.


PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants, where quiet luxury meets extraordinary architecture, our boutique hotels are characterized by a unique design that makes you feel immersed in a world of art and harmony. Every detail is carefully selected to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will touch your senses.

Our restaurants offer a diverse culinary experience that provides unparalleled taste sensations. With a focus on quality and enjoyment, we set standards in the culinary scene and invite you to join us on this journey.

Space for perspectives and new impulses to experience meetings differently. And all this in the middle of the historic center of Andernach, beautifully situated on the Rhine.


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Welcome to the world of PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants, where quiet luxury meets extraordinary architecture to create unforgettable experiences


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Unique living spaces, in absolute privacy, expansive views and unparalleled luxury await you at Convent.

Stories Around Andernach at the Rhine

Andernach is a picturesque town on the Rhine. It is known for its rich history, culture and traditions that have run through its streets and buildings for many centuries. Many stories and legends entwine around Andernach, some of which are still told today.




Even though our hotel in Andernach was newly built in 2016, the place where it is located is undoubtedly historic. Andernach is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Germany, where even the Celts promenaded. During the Roman period, it then became an important transshipment point for local and long-distance trade, especially for pumice, trass and basalt. The center of the city is still small but fine. A real eye-catcher! The excellently preserved city wall. And exactly here, not far from the former “Ochsentor” of the city, that city gate through which sheep and oxen were driven in former times, stands also our hotel at the Ochsentor.

It was not so long ago when you could still look at English lawns at the Andernach city wall. Now fruits, vegetables and herbs grow there, in colorful splendor and organic quality. Instead of “no trespassing” it says “picking allowed”. Harvesting is allowed to everyone, weeding, of course. The people behind the Edible City project have turned public green spaces and parks into usable spaces for all. In the beginning, there were 101 varieties of tomatoes and a lot of enthusiasm; in the meantime, the people of Andernach enjoy the variety of countless fruits and vegetables and appreciate that they can enjoy the greenery of the city not only with their eyes, but also with their palate.

Anyone who visits Andernach will also meet the baker’s boys “Fränzje” and “Döres” at some point. The people of Andach have immortalized them with statues at the Rhine Gate and at the fountain on the market square. Nobody knows exactly what is fiction and what is truth behind the legendary story, but it is always entertaining. One night in 1474, a horde of warlike Linzers attacked the city. While the people of Andernach were fast asleep, Fränzje and Döres alone put the attackers to flight. Their weapons: Beehives, which they threw at the intruders. Fearing the angry swarms of bees, the enemies rushed away.


In 2024 we will offer a variety of events related to gourmet cuisine. Our cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of culinary arts and improve your cooking skills. Evenings with winemakers and producers allow you to taste unique wines and products and learn more about their production. In addition, we will invite guest chefs to serve innovative and unusual dishes to our guests. We look forward to bringing you a variety of gourmet cuisine events in 2024.

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