New Nordic Japanese Cuisine


The gourmet restaurant Yoso combines three culinary worlds. Asian-Japanese cuisine, Scandinavian cuisine and French haute cuisine.

Peter Fridén, born in South Korea, raised in a small town in Sweden and trained in French cuisine among other things, knows and loves the typical cuisine of the three countries. The Nordic-Japanese style of cuisine is a relatively new combination of Scandinavian and Japanese cuisine. Both cuisines have a strong connection to nature and use fresh, seasonal ingredients. Another common element between the two kitchens is the emphasis on food presentation and aesthetics. This innovative style of cuisine combines the best elements from both cultures and reinterprets them in a creative way.


Details, design and quality craftsmanship.


“Food is one of the fundamental elements of life that brings people together”

Peter Fridén.

LUNCH: Saturday from 12:00 pm

DINNER: Wednesday to Saturday from 19:00

For Peter Fridén, it’s about choosing the right products, creating symmetry and balance between strong contrasts, and making the meal memorable. Peter Fridén is lastingly impressed by the perfection and respect in Japan – not only for the food, but also for the people.

Prior to his position as head chef at Yoso, Peter Fridén worked at Heinz Winkler in Aschau, sous chef at Niklas Eksted in Stockholm, junior sous chef at the three-star Waterside Inn restaurant in the UK, and head chef at Soho House Berlin, among others. He earned his first star at the food temple Tawa Yama in Karlsruhe.

Peter Fridén

"Food is one of the fundamental elements of life that brings people together"
Peter Fridén.


The interior of the Yoso restaurant is simple and elegant. Natural materials such as bamboo and wood are used to create a feeling of naturalness and authenticity. The seating is comfortable and inviting, while the minimalist table decor adds a subtle touch of beauty without distracting from the overall atmosphere.


We are proud that our young team makes a unique contribution to your restaurant experience. With their energy, enthusiasm and passion, they do everything to make you feel comfortable and enjoy an unforgettable stay with us. We look forward to welcoming you and providing you with unparalleled service that is characterized by our team spirit.


In 2024 we will offer a variety of events around our restaurants. Our cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of culinary arts and improve your cooking skills. Evenings with winemakers and producers allow you to taste unique wines and products and learn more about their production. We look forward to offering you a variety of events in 2024.

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