Your temporary home in Andernach

Home Suite Home! You need space for yourself? We understand that and give you 45 harmoniously furnished square meters.

Bright, friendly nuances determine the basic tone. As companion colors deep tones with character:
Bordeaux anthracite and sky blue. Lacquered wood paneling immediately create coziness, ornamental wallpaper make the style demanding and lively.

These highlights await you

Bookable from: 239 € / room & night


PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants, where quiet luxury meets extraordinary architecture, our boutique hotels are characterized by a unique design that lets you immerse yourself in a world of art and harmony. The magic comes from the details, each one carefully selected to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will touch your senses.

Pur's world

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We are sure: In the PURS Hotel you never want to check out again. You don’t have to. After all, we have everything you need and much more.


Purs Luxury Boutique Hotel

PURS Luxury Boutique Hotels & Restaurants is a place where art and design meet to offer you unforgettable experiences.


Purs Private Luxury Living

Unique living spaces, in absolute privacy, expansive views and unparalleled luxury await you at Convent.

650 square meters - conference venue and open architecture


If you don’t feel like going straight home after the event, you can book one of our unforgettable offers here and enjoy your stay to the fullest. We offer a wide range of accommodation, from cozy rooms to luxurious suites, which will ensure a pleasant stay.

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