The edible city of Andernach and the PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants – places for connoisseurs

Jerusalem artichoke – plant of the year 2023 of the city of Andernach is now on the menu at Ai Pero

Andernach/Frankfurt am Main, xx. June 2023. The charming town of Andernach has developed into a true paradise for food lovers. With its “Edible City” concept, it attracts visitors from all over the world. Every year it names a plant of the year – in 2023 it is Jerusalem artichoke. The PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants are also participating with exclusive recipes and culinary delicacies based on the Jerusalem artichoke, as the Jerusalem artichoke is also known, and are the ideal place to stay during a visit to the “Edible City”.

The town of Andernach wants to transform itself into a sustainable and green paradise. Visitors to the “Edible City” can discover a variety of edible plants and herbs on a journey of discovery, which are open to the public and can be harvested by anyone. True to the motto: Picking allowed, instead of trespassing forbidden! From fresh fruit trees along the streets to vegetable and herb beds, Andernach is committed to bringing nature into the city.

In addition, Andernach chooses the plant of the year every year – in 2023 it will be the Jerusalem artichoke. This is a plant whose bulb can be eaten. It is low in calories and full of vitamins. The Ai Pero PURS Authentic Italian Trattoria in the Hotel Am Ochsentor has created a special recipe for this: Jerusalem artichoke risotto. Remy Hennerici, head chef at Ai Peros, is a great lover of the plant: “I like the taste of the Jerusalem artichoke because I love the nutty, sweet nuance. It reminds me of artichoke bottoms, hence the name Jerusalem artichoke. Unlike potatoes, the tuber can also be eaten raw and used for purees and soups.”

The Edible City of Andernach offers the perfect opportunity to combine the best of two worlds: the natural beauty of the city and the unique experience at PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants. Whether after a walk through the city’s green spots or harvesting fresh ingredients – after exploring, visitors can relax in one of the two hotels of PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurant – the PURS Luxury Boutique Hotel or the Classic Boutique Hotel Am Ochsentor. Guests also have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable dinner in one of the three

restaurants: in the two-star restaurant PURS, in the newly opened YOSO New Nordic Japanese Cuisine and in Ai Pero.

Über PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants

Zur Dachmarke PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants in Andernach am Rhein gehören das PURS Luxury Boutique Hotel & Restaurant – das Hotel ist Mitglied der renommierten Hotelkooperation Relais & Châteaux und das Restaurant ist mit zwei Michelin Sternen ausgezeichnet –, das Classic Boutique Hotel Am Ochsentor mit der authentisch italienischen Trattoria Ai Pero und der Luxury Living & Event Location Convent sowie das asiatische Restaurantkonzept YOSO. Die Hotels und Restaurants bringen leisen Luxus und ein außergewöhnliches Ambiente nach Andernach. Die Stadt am Rhein gilt als eine der ältesten Städte Deutschlands – hier treffen Geschichte und die Moderne der PURS Fine Hotels & Restaurants aufeinander und schaffen besondere Orte für Besucher aus aller Welt.


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