City tour

Unlike many other cities, Andernach offers a wealth of options for city tours. Of particular interest are the guided tours to St. Mary’s Cathedral and through the “Edible City”.

The Mariendom in Andernach is one of the most important churches in the Rhineland. The construction of the church began already in the 11th century and lasted more than 200 years. Today, the cathedral is an architectural masterpiece that attracts visitors from all over the world. The guided tour of St. Mary’s Cathedral is an experience for all who are interested in history, architecture and art. Visitors have the opportunity to marvel at the magnificent architecture and ornate works of art that have been created in St. Mary’s Cathedral over the centuries.

The “Edible City” is another highlight of Andernach. This is a concept in which public land in the city is used for growing fruits and vegetables. The aim is to raise awareness of healthy eating among the urban population and to promote the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in the city. A guided tour of the “Edible City” gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the concept and visit some of the growing areas. It’s an interesting way to learn about the city’s culture and traditions while also learning about the importance of healthy eating.

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