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rooms & suites

by Axel Vervoordt

Deluxe rooms
in the new building
from € 310, - (single occupancy)
The three deluxe rooms in the new PURS building offer a lot of comfort on 38 to 41m². Our rooms 7, 10 and 11 welcome you in calm brown tones, with a writing corner for your thoughts and individual art in each room.
Deluxe Double Room
From € 310,- (single occupancy)
The texture of the Old Chancellery, after all almost 350 years old, is particularly highlighted by the play of colors in the rooms of the Deluxe Double Room N°1. Gentle browns meet with muted blue tones and green accents creating a calming atmosphere.
Classic Room
From € 250,- (single occupancy)
This sophisticated suite is a place of well-being that will positively affect its residents. The wood of the furniture perfectly creates a cozy atmosphere and stands in perfect contrast to the white colors applied in the room.
The Terrace Suite
From € 520,- (single occupancy)
Earthy tones – red and brown – are predominantly in this suite which turns the room into a kind of rustic retreat. However, the fine stucco on the ceiling creates a connection to the old texture of the house and into the present. Classic style but with a contemporary feeling.
The Junior Suite
From €370,- (single occupancy)
The Japanese understanding of aesthetics, searching the beauty in the imperfection, also called “Wabi-Sabi” is characteristic for the style of Axel Vervoordt and is particulary visible in this room. For example, in his “floating table”– a table that seems to float.
The Junior Suite
From € 370,- (single occupancy)
In these rooms, also located in the historical part of the building, the guests can expect a wonderful play of light that perfectly underlines the beauty of the selected pieces herein. This creates an organic harmony between the architecture and interior design.